Kinetics . KIN 1/48 F-16XL2 Experimental

1/48 F-16XL2 Experimental
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The kit is molded in light gray styrene and presented on 12 parts trees plus two trees of clear parts. Among the features and options in this kit: Integral wings on fuselage halves make assembly/alignment easy Nicely detailed cockpits and ACES II ejection seats Positionable canopy Updated radome with lightning protection Nice NSI intake with Pratt F100 engine face at the end of the duct Nice F100 afterburner section Positionable rudder Positionable leading edge flaps Positionable trailing edge surfaces Positionable landing gear You'll remember that the F-16XL airframes were based upon F-16 Block 1 airframes so the demonstrator was powered by the Pratt and Whitney F100 using the narrow-mouth (NSI) intake. General Dynamics had not yet started on the F-16C series so they had not developed the capabilities for GE F110 power at that time. This kit has a very nice selection of armament included, some of which were produced for other versions of the F-16. These include: 2 x AIM-9L/M Sidewinder 2 x AIM-120B AMRAAM 2 x AGM-65 Maverick 2 x GBU-31 JDAM 2 x CBU-87 cluster bombs (labeled GBU-87 in the instructions) 2 x GBU-12 Paveway 1 x AAQ-113/AAQ-114 LANTIRN pods Not mentioned in the instructions but worth noting: 2 x AIM-9X Sidewinder 2 x AIM-120C AMRAAM 2 x GBU-24 Paveway 12 x Mk.82 Snakeyes Not included but were carried during flight test/evaluation: Mk.82 slicks (14) The kit includes one sheet of decals which provide two options: F-16XL, 750747, Prototype scheme F-16XL, Heater/Ferris scheme
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