Alumilite Corp . ALU Amazing Remelt 1.25 Lb

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Amazing Remelt is a Non Toxic, 1-part reusable mold making material for room temperature or low exotherm materials. Amazing Remelt softens at 120°F and becomes liquid at 135°-140°F. It can be remelted and reused to make new molds time and time again. Ideal for making mold for smaller items such as jewelry, embellishments, and chocolate molds. To use, warm amazing remelt to 140°F in an oven, microwave or double boiler. Do not exceed 190°F. Pour over item to be moulded, which is mold released and in a sealed mold box. Allow to cool & then the item is ready to demold. The products is food grade safe and complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.

Amazing Remelt is a mold making material that is reusable and non-toxic. Amazing Remelt can be used to make new molds time and time again.

  • Warm in an oven, microwave, or double boiler
  • Ideal for molding smaller items or food
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