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BusBoard Prototype Systems Junior Genius Kits Blinky Lights kit lets the user build electronic circuits to learn how LEDs and transistors work. The Kit leads the user through 10 main activities, ranging from a simple LED circuit up to more advanced transistor LED blinking light circuits using standard parts on a real-world breadboard.

The user learns about voltage and current by using LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and transistors. A schematic diagram and examples help the user build circuits. The parts and breadboard can be disassembled and reused for new creations.

The 60-page color manual starts off with an introduction to the kit and its included parts. Ten activities progressively build up your knowledge and confidence in electronic circuits. Three lessons spaced throughout the Activities teach you about key electronic parts.


  • Includes 24 parts plus a power box, ZipWires, batteries and a BB400 BreadBoard.
  • 10 Core activities plus many additional Things To Try for each.
  • Real-world, industry standard, reusable parts.
  • Junior Genius Online Club Access to additional content, knowledge & activies.
  • Full-color illustrated 60-page manual, perfect for students and adults alike.
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