Cobble Hill . CBH Red 1000Pc Puzzle

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Below you'll find some information about the various categories and piece counts we offer. We hope it helps you determine what type of puzzle you should shop for either for yourself or as a gift. To compare the puzzle piece sizes for the 1000 piece, 500 piece, Easy Handling 275 piece, and the Family Puzzle 400 piece, please click the title of the category and then click the alternate image. If you have never done a Cobble Hill puzzle, then you'll find our piece shapes are different than the standard "H" shape pieces you find in other brands. A signature part of Cobble Hill puzzles are the "Random Cut" puzzle piece shapes. They have been known to be called unique, odd, funky, and even diabolical. You may find that you either love our random shapes or find them uncomfortably challenging. Some puzzlers believe that the random shapes allow them to more easily find the exact spot the piece belongs in, while others have no clue what to do with them. We recommend that if it's your first time, try and find an image that has a lot of different colours, so that you can separate the pieces into sections. If you start with a puzzle that has all blue sky or something like our Crochet Challenge puzzle, then you may be disappointed or frustrated and give up - attributing the difficulty to the piece shapes. We hope you find a puzzle that you can enjoy!
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