Multi-Charge Adapter for Blade and UMX batteries
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Perfect for charging LiPos that fit: Blade 130 X Blade mCP X Brushless UMX Mig UMX Beast UMX Carbon Cub SS UMX Sbach 342 3D and many more! HOW THE UMX-3X WORKS: This adapter is designed to allow you to connect three LiPo batteries with the same specs with UMX (JST-PH) connectors to the LiPo charger of your choice. The UMX-3X connects three UMX batteries in series. This means that you will charge the batteries as a single six-cell LiPo, with the same amount of milliamps. For example, if you were to charge (3) of our Lectron Pro 7.4 volt - 300mAh 35C Lipo Pack for Blade 130 X, mCP X BL, and UMX Planes, you would set your charger to charge a 22.2 volt 300mAh battery. Just plug the red JST connector into your main charging output (or use an Octopus Adapter if your charger doesn’t support JST) and the balance plug goes right into your 6-cell balance input or balance board. Important notes: All batteries connected to the UMX-3X must be the same. Connecting batteries of different nominal voltages, cell counts or mAh can severely damage your batteries or charger, or even result in fire. Do not connect a fully charged battery to a group of discharged cells. This can cause a the fully charged battery to become over charged and damage the batteries and potentially cause a fire.
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