Common Sense R/C . CSR Paraboard W/Xt60 Connectors

Paraboard - Parallel Charging Board for Lipos with XT60 Connectors
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Don't spend all day charging your batteries one at a time.This Paraboard lets you charge and balance up to six lipo batteries at once! This board features XT60 plugs for your batteries' main leads and JST-XH balance plugs ranging from 2S to 6S. They plug right into most popular models of 6S lipo balancing chargers that have 7-pin balance ports with 2.5mm pin spacing. Battery packs must be of the same cell count (only charge 2S with 2S, 3S with 3S, etc.) and battery voltages must be within 0.1V per cell (0.1V for 1S, 0.2V for 2S, etc.) of all other batteries connected to the Paraboard at the same time. Use a Cell Spy or similar voltage tester to check the voltage of each cell before connecting to the Paraboard.
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