Composimold . CPO ImPRESSive Putty's Activator

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ImPRESSive Putty's Activator is a great way to ensure the Putty turns from a putty into a stiff rubber like mold.Place the Putty in the included microwavable bag. Add 2 drop of the Activator to the bag for every 1oz. of putty, i.e. 12 drops for 6oz. of Putty (no mixing required). Seal the bag with the included tie or fold the bag under so that when placed on a surface the weight of the putty keeps the bag closed (to hold moisture in). Heat the Putty in the microwave until completely melted/ becomes dough or clay like with no clumps. Caution!! IT IS VERY HOT. Let the Putty sit at room temp until cool to the touch. Stick in fridge to cool faster (See tips) (Optional) Add cooking oil to your hands to prevent sticking. Knead the putty for several minutes to allow the activator to mix evenly. Use a rolling pin and your fingers to smooth the putty. Remove all the lines in the Putty. If you are planning on moving your mold before it solidifies, place on a plate.
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