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This Terrellian ship was co-piloted by Irina and Joxomwhich in the first Antarian Trans-stellar Rally in 2377. When Joxom was accidentally electrocuted, Voyager's Ensign Harry Kim took over as Irina's co-pilot. Your incredible metallic resin model ship is decked out in a gold and red livery, with a racing stripe right down the middle - Irina’s ship was not hiding the fact that it was built for speed. It was also incredibly nimble, and could take on dangerous obstacles and anomalies such as a Möbius Inversion wormhole at breakneck velocities. Inside the magazine, illustrator Rick Sternbach explains how a starship he had created earlier was turned into Irina’s Racing Ship. Plus the writers look back on some of the episodes from Star Trek: Voyager Season 7.
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