Pro Tek . PTK 74V 3800MAH LIPO 4 DX8 TRANS

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This is a ProTek R/C 2S - 7.4 Volt, 3800mAh Li-Poly transmitter battery pack. This battery has been developed specifically for the Spektrum DX7S, DX8 and DX9 transmitters. This light weight Li-Poly transmitter battery will help to dramatically extend the run time that your transmitter can offer, which is great for long days at the field! The overall weight will only be affected slightly when compared to a typical NiMH transmitter pack as this battery weighs 143 grams, whereas your typical 4.8V NiMH AA battery pack weighs approximately 112 grams. This battery will not reduce the weight of your transmitter, but will provide you with an incredible 9 to 10 hours of run time! NOTE: To ensure you do not over discharge this battery it is imperative that you change the battery type in the system settings from NiMH to LiPo. This will reset the low battery alarm voltage to the appropriate level for your new battery and allow your battery level indicator to read more accurately. You will find step by step instructions showing how to change this setting within your owners manual. How should the battery be inserted into the transmitter? A suitable foam should be used to pad the battery in the transmitter battery compartment to help hold the battery in place and prevent it from moving around. Place a piece similar in size to the battery into the transmitter battery housing under the battery, and then while pressing lightly on the battery, slide the cover over the battery.
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