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The RC EYE OneStation allows charging of multiple capacity RC EYE One / S or Xtreme batteries at the same time. The OneStation has 2x individual and active protected charging circuits per each battery socket, allowing to charge any combination* of either 'RC EYE One Xtreme' or 'RC EYE One / S' batteries with different capacities. In other words, the charger allows "mixed charging" of 800 mAh batteries and 1150 mAh batteries at the same time in any combination (e.g. 3 x 800 mAh and 1 x 1150 mAh or vise versa or 2 of the same capacity each). *Any combination should consist of either RC EYE One / S or RC EYE One Xtreme batteries only - RC EYE One Xtreme batteries should not be mixed with RC EYE One / S batteries. To power the OneStation, you will need to have any of the following additionally: 1. Switching mode power adapter (Equivalent RC Logger models: Europe Type / USA Type / UK Type / Australia Type) 2. A standard 12 - 13.8 V/DC power supply with banana sockets 3. A car cigarette lighter adapter (Equivalent RC Logger model: Car Power Cable)
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