Tamiya America Inc. . TAM PICK - UP TRUCK MULTI - FUNCTI

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This MFC-02 unit makes your truck come to life! 24 types of sound effects, 10 types of lighting effects and 16 extra special operations. All effects and actions synchronize with vehicle movement. The engine sound is digitally recorded from a diesel engine; either V8 or small displacement turbo engine sound can be selected.

External terminal allows sound from audio device such as a CD player. Featuring electronic clutch, allowing idling and sudden acceleration. Half-clutch enables extreme low speed running. Reverse running can be done as a 2-step process or direct reverse.

Vibration unit recreates realistic movements in conjunction with engine rotation.

High brightness LEDs depict various types of working lights. Sound and lighting effects can also be controlled manually by control unit.

This unit requires a 4-channel radio set with 2 servos to operate.

The whole set includes:

  • the Multi-Function Unit
  • Speaker unit
  • control Unit
  • LED Lights
  • Vibration Unit

    Sound Effects:

  • Engine starting
  • Idling
  • Running,
  • Engine stop
  • Up-shifting
  • Down-shifting
  • Horn
  • Gear shifting
  • Turn signal
  • Hazard light
  • Timer
  • Alarm

    Lighting Effects:

  • Headlight
  • High beam
  • Road light
  • Auxiliary light
  • Turn signal
  • Hazard light
  • Reverse light
  • Brake light

    Special Operations:

  • Steering control
  • Throttle control
  • Horn
  • High beam operation
  • Clutch control
  • Gear shifting
  • Turn signal
  • Light on/off switching
  • Turn signal/ hazard light switches
  • Brake mode selection
  • Engine stop / start simulation
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