Team Losi Racing . TLR 22 3.0 SPEC RACER MM KIT 1/10 2W

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The 22 3.0 SPEC-Racer kit has everything in the box needed to build a race-winning,spec-class buggy. Ready for the track, the 22 3.0 SR weighs in under 1499 grams without sacrificing any of the 22 platform’s legendary performance or requiring expensive aftermarket parts. The 22 3.0 SPEC-Racer includes many parts to reduce the weight of the kit. Built with kit hardware, Orion and Spektrum electronics the 22 3.0 SPEC-Racer weighs in UNDER 1499g when ready to hit the track. No need for titanium hardware to make minimum ROAR weight. To maximize the top speed and performance of a stock motor, the drive train has been lightened with a Direct Drive System including the shortened top shaft, aluminum diff hubs with composite outdrives, and aluminum CVA driveshafts.A new wider 2.5mm aluminum chassis and molded mud guards create a new battery mounting pocket which allows for both saddle and shorty type LiPo packs to be mounted transverse across the chassis. This allows for more tuning capability front to rear and a wider placement of the battery weight for a more stable car without increasing the total weight of the car.The 7075-T6 aluminum chassis plate has additional milled pockets to reduce the weight even further than the stock 22 3.0 chassis without compromising the flex characteristics for maximized handling and light weight performance.On the 22 3.0, the motor has been moved back and closer to the diff gear by 12mm, allowing for more rear grip on exit, more entry steering, and an overall easier to drive buggy.Using the popular design of the 22 3.0 body, a body made from 0.5mm poly carbonate reduces the weight of the 22 3.0 body by over 15g, but lasts well due to the protected nature of 2wd buggy bodies.The 22 3.0 comes loaded with optional upgrades like a milled 7075 aluminum tops shafts, motor plate, rear camber block and ball stud spacers throughout.7075-T6 front axles lighten up the front end, without compromising durability. The front hexes have also been updated to a 12mm hex size.
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