RPM . RPM Hybrid Gearbox Housing & Rear Mount Kit (Blue)

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Aluminum Motor Mount Features:Manufactured in the USA from 3mm thick, 6061 T6 aluminum for serious strength and durability. Locks in gear mesh for worry-free pinion to spur settings, eliminating fears of exploding spur and pinion gears from an overheated stock transmission case. Offers significant motor heat dissipation for cooler motor temperatures, unlike stock plastic motor plates that insulate the motor. Not integrated with the rear bumper mounts, meaning rear impacts will not bend the motor plate, (when used with a rear bumper or bumper mounting system such as RPM80902 or RPM80905). Molded Gearbox Housings Features: Molded from our blend of bulletproof nylons in three popular color choices for guaranteed durability, strength and style. Retains stock bumper mounting holes for positive, solid support of any bumper or wheelie bars you may choose. Retains a stock “cover” for the motor, adding motor protection where most aftermarket housings leave the motor completely exposed to rear impacts. RPM modified their housing to eliminate the huge bottom hole in the stock housing, keeping your internal gears cleaner, longer. Quiet! With a completely enclosed gearbox housing, you’ll no longer have the loudest transmission on the track. Redesigned exterior features are smoother; making it less likely dirt will adhere or build up on the case. Separate housing and rear mounts means transmission maintenance won’t affect suspension settings. Molded Rear Mount Features: Separate from the gearbox housing and easy to access. Each mount is individually accessible and removable without removing the transmission or vice versa. Simply unbolt 2 screws (and a hinge pin) to remove an A-arm mount or 6 screws to remove the transmission! Sold with two sets of rear mounts in each package – 0° and 3° rear mounts are included. Molded from the RPM blend of ultra durable, long lasting, bulletproof nylons. Molded mounts means tighter tolerances and less slop than with machined components for better camber and toe angle retention.
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