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Welcome to PM Hobbycraft Ltd., your go-to destination for an exciting array of board games in Calgary! Whether planning a lively party, searching for the perfect birthday gift, or gearing up for holiday festivities, our collection of board games has something for every occasion.

If there is anything that can keep kids and adults entertained simultaneously, it's board games. Board games are the oldest form of entertainment and have the power to keep everyone hooked. Designed to cater to the tastes of all age groups, our board games will get the fun rolling. If you're planning a trip to Calgary and need family-friendly activities, check out our big selection of board games in Calgary.

Try out one of these fun games, from strategic tabletop games like Chess and Monopoly to classic (party) games like Catan. We also have other options, such as painting kits and puzzles, to help you spend a fun night with your friends. Whatever you choose, prepare for an exciting day with your friends or family with some fun board games PM Hobbycraft Ltd. offers!

Check out our various selections of board games and 2 person board games!

Two-person Board Games:

Combat Clash: Engage in thrilling one-on-one battles with Combat Clash, a strategic combat game designed exclusively for two players. Command your forces, outsmart your opponent, and claim victory in this intense head-to-head showdown.

Mystic Duel: Immerse yourself in magic and mystery with Mystic Duel, a captivating 2-person board game. Cast spells, summon magical creatures, and test your wits against your opponent to see who emerges as the ultimate spellcaster.

Strategic Rivals: Strategic Rivals is the perfect choice for those who love strategy games. Outmaneuver your opponent, capture territories, and prove your strategic prowess in this 2-person board game of intense battle of wits.

Family Board Games

Discover the joy of quality time with our family board games. From exciting adventures to hilarious challenges, our collection ensures endless entertainment for the whole family. Bond, laugh, and create lasting memories with these engaging games that are perfect for all ages.

Board Games for Adults - Drinking Games

Elevate your game night with our board games for adults, featuring a spirited collection of drinking games. Turn ordinary gatherings into unforgettable experiences with these lively and entertaining options. Explore a mix of strategy, laughter, and a touch of liquid courage in our adult-friendly selection.

Types of Board Games

Unleash the strategist in you with our diverse range of board game types:

Area control games: Command territories, dominate the board, and emerge victorious in these strategic contests for control.

Placement games: Test your tactical skills by strategically placing pieces, cards, or tokens to outwit your opponents.

Mystery games: Dive into suspenseful narratives, solve puzzles and unravel mysteries in our captivating selection of mystery board games.

Combat games: Engage in epic battles, tactical maneuvers, and intense showdowns with our adrenaline-pumping combat games.

Co-operative games: Foster teamwork and collaboration with our co-operative games, where players join forces to overcome challenges and achieve shared objectives.

Explore the board gaming world at PM Hobbycraft Ltd. and add a new dimension of fun to your game nights!

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