Exploring Off-Road and On-Road RC Car Types

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Exploring Off-Road and On-Road RC Car Types

The RC world has come full circle. A life-sized RC buggy goes into production in 2024, letting us all live out our dream of driving the Tamiya Wild One Max. In the meantime, you can find the best RC car to fulfill your desires.

Learn about the five types of RC cars to figure out which would be perfect for your introduction to the RC car hobby. 


RC Monster Truck

Monster trucks are among the most popular RC cars because of their wild looks and versatility. They perform well off-road thanks to their oversized tires. You could have fun running them over sand, dirt, and grass. 


RC Buggy

The RC buggy is an excellent option for beginners who need help deciding what type of RC car they should get. They are essentially the do-it-all all RC car that can handle any terrain you throw at it. From gravel to mud, you can have fun with a buggy. 

The tires are narrower than those on monster trucks. Their suspensions are longer, making them more forgiving than a touring car. They are light, nimble, and have a low center of gravity. 


RC Truck

Short course trucks are sportier than touring cars but can still hold their own in a race track competition. They are still great for beginners because they are more durable than the touring cars but maybe not quite as robust as the monster trucks and crawlers. 

Their slightly wider tires and body give them stability. At the same time, the body shell and bumpers give the frame and other components more protection. 


RC Crawler

These are the rough and rugged off-road vehicles of the RC world. They are similar to the Jeep crawlers that you see climbing massive boulders. While it may not offer high speed, this type of car is capable of driving on rough terrain.

Instead, you have a virtually indestructible truck with big tires, a locking differential, and solid axles.


RC Touring Car

They may be called touring cars, but these aren't your pleasure cruisers. Instead of refined four-door sedans, there are drift, drag, and race cars.

You will even find a semi-truck or two. The type of RC car you should get will depend on what you want to do with it. 

If you want to dominate the race track, a touring or race car will give you the desired performance. They have smooth rubberized or foam tires, independent suspensions, and propeller acceleration. These cars do not perform well on gravel, rocks, sand, or grass.


Get Your Best RC Car 

Whether it's an on-road RC car, buggy, or crawler, there is something for everything. Dominate the race track with a touring car. Conquer a rock course with a crawler or perform tricks with a monster truck. 

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