Boost Your Adventures with Drones in Calgary

Unleash the joy of flight with PM Hobbycraft's selection of drones in Calgary, designed for both kids and adults. Explore the sky with our top-notch toys for kids, or delve into thrilling hobbies with more advanced models catering to adults.

For young adventurers, our drones promise endless fun. From vibrant designs to easy-to-operate controls, and stabilization these toys ensure a safe and enjoyable flying experience. 

For adults seeking a more immersive experience, we offer cutting-edge drones equipped with cameras and First Person View (FPV) capabilities. Capture stunning aerial shots with high-quality cameras or experience the thrill of real-time flight through FPV goggles. 

Call us today to learn more about our collection of drones in Calgary.

Our Brand

At PM Hobbycraft, we carry a diverse selection of Blade drones designed to boost your flying experience. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology ensures that you have access to the latest innovations in the drone industry.

Whether you're into aerial photography, racing, or just enjoying the thrill of flying, we have a drone that suits your needs. Our staff is here to assist you in finding the perfect Blade drone for you.

Types of Drones

Camera drones: Camera drones have high-quality cameras, allowing users to capture aerial imagery and videos.

Toy drones: Designed for beginners and casual users, toy drones are lightweight and easy to operate. They often come with simplified controls.

GPS drones: Equipped with GPS technology, these drones offer advanced features like precise navigation, waypoint tracking, and automated return-to-home functions.

FPV drones: FPV is First Person View, which allows pilots to see what the drone sees in real-time through goggles or a screen.

Drone parts: Individual drone replacement parts are readily available for those looking to repair their drones.

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