How to Start Your Gunpla: Beginner’s Guide

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How to Start Your Gunpla: Beginner’s Guide

Gundam is awesome! We’ve all watched the giant mecha battle on screen and wanted a Gundam of our own.

While you can’t pilot a life-sized one like in the franchise, you CAN own a Gundam in the form of a Gunpla!

Building Gunpla model kits is a fantastic hobby that Gundam fans all over the world participate in. It allows you to enjoy your interest in an even more immersive fashion.

How do you start getting into building Gunpla? Read on and see how you too can enjoy this fun and exciting hobby.


What is a “Gunpla”?

Gunpla are plastic models of the Gundam from the many shows, sold by Bandai Namco toy company. “Gunpla” is literally a portmanteau of “Gundam plastic models”.

These model kits have become very popular with Gundam enthusiasts and mecha anime fans.


How to Select Your Gunpla

The first step in building Gunpla is to choose your model kit. It’s important that you choose a kit that matches your skill level.

Beginner-friendly kits will be labelled as Entry Grade (EG), which feature simpler designs and fewer pieces. When you start gaining more confidence and experience, you can start choosing more complex kits, such as High Grade (HG), Master Grade (MG), and Real Grade (RG).

Start with a model that calls to you. It doesn’t have to be one from your favourite Gundam series, it can simply be one that catches your eye and your heart.



For a smoother and more enjoyable building experience, it’s best that you gather a few tools before starting. The essential tools include:


Build Your Gunpla

Your Gunpla kit will include detailed step-by-step instructions. Taking the time to read and understand each step in the build will ensure you get an accurate result at the end. Pay attention to the orientation of the parts. If you’re new to building Gunpla, don’t rush it – take your time and you’ll get a much better result.


Customize to Add Personal Touch

Gunpla kits also give you the freedom to customize and add a more personal touch. You can add decals and using different panel lining techniques to enhance the details. Experiment with different poses. This is your chance to truly showcase your creativity and make your Gunpla a unique representation of you.


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