Indoor Hobbies That Can Boost Your Child's IQ

Indoor Hobbies That Can Boost Your Child's IQ

Your child can boost their IQ from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few indoor hobbies that will support your child's development. Read on!

Indoor Hobbies That Can Boost Your Child's IQ

Did you know that some indoor hobbies can significantly boost your child's IQ from the comfort of your own home? It's true! There are many fun hobbies that can also help kids develop spatial and motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and creativity. 
Keep reading to learn about some great indoor hobbies we offer at PM Hobbycraft in Calgary!



Puzzles are proven to help children develop critical cognitive skills. Research shows that puzzles and building blocks help improve spatial awareness and reasoning. These cognitive skills are essential for improving IQ. 
Here at PM Hobbycraft, we have a variety of different types of puzzles to help your child practice. We offer traditional jigsaw puzzles, 3D puzzles, building models, and much more. Check out our puzzles Calgary here



Engaging in art at an early age has many benefits in building a child's IQ. Painting, specifically, is among indoor hobbies that help children develop problem-solving skills, mobility skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Painting also improves creativity, which is an important part of intelligence. 

Painting comes in many styles and forms, from acrylic to water to spray. For a more advanced experience, your child can consider taking on diamond painting, a popular technique that creates a shimmery mosaic and helps build patience and attention to detail.


Train Toys

Playing with train toys has long been among the most popular hobbies for kids of all ages. But did you know that train toys are beneficial for children's IQ?
Playing with train toys improves motor development, spatial reasoning, instructional concepts, and imagination. In addition, it can also help children with counting, grammar, and order! 
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Science Kits

It should be a no-brainer that children who engage in science early on tend to improve their brain function and increase their knowledge about the world
This is because learning the scientific methods, including observation, hypothesis making, analysis, and concluding/summarizing, can be a huge developmental turning point that shows advanced intelligence and understanding of the natural world.
Science kits help teach your children these IQ-boosting skills and can be made part of your indoor games collection. They are fun for children of all ages and can be completed individually or as a family!


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As you can see, there are many indoor hobbies that can boost your child's IQ from the comfort of your own home. Puzzles, painting, trains, and science kits are enjoyable hobbies for kids that build intelligence. By engaging in these activities, children can improve their cognitive skills, creativity, and motor skills. All while having lots of fun!
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