Heng Long . HNL 1/16 German Jagdpanther

1:16 German Jagdpanther Antitank vehicle - BASIC version
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1:16 German Jagdpanther Antitank vehicle - BASIC version

The RC German Jagdpanther Antitank Vehicle is an impressive model that closely resembles the renowned Jagdpanther tank destroyer used during World War II. This remote-controlled vehicle excels in its attention to detail and capability, making it a valuable possession for both history buffs and remote control enthusiasts.

The Jagdpanther was one of the most effective German tank destroyers during the war, thanks to its powerful 88mm gun and superior armor protection. This RC version faithfully recreates the intimidating presence of the original vehicle, with its formidable gun barrel, distinctive sloping armor, and menacing look.

Designed for outdoor play, the Jagdpanther RC vehicle is built to withstand any terrain, ensuring hours of exciting and immersive battles. Equipped with proportional speed control and independent suspension, this tank can maneuver easily over rough terrain, offering a thrilling and realistic RC experience.

With its remote control, users can navigate the Jagdpanther RC vehicle in all directions – forward, backward, left, and right. It also features a rotating turret and an elevation mechanism for the gun barrel, allowing for precise aiming and firing at targets. The RC vehicle is equipped with LED lights, providing a realistic touch during night operations.

The German Jagdpanther Antitank Vehicle RC is powered by a rechargeable battery, ensuring long-lasting playtime without the need for frequent battery replacements. It also comes with a remote control that operates on a separate frequency, allowing for multiple tanks to engage in exciting battles.

Whether it's for display or intense RC battles, the German Jagdpanther Antitank Vehicle RC offers a perfect combination of history, accuracy, and thrilling remote-controlled action.

rc pro tanks German Jagdpanther 3869-1 KIT


The track material, sprocket, and idler wheel are made of cast metal.
Equipped with the latest Generation TK7.0 Multi-Function Control Board (MFCB).
Allows for proportional acceleration, steering, and gun elevation/depression.
Programmable radio settings for various features such as recoil, sensitivity in turns, overall acceleration sensitivity, high and low-speed modes, etc.
Can activate/deactivate smoke effect.
Can turn headlights and brake lights on/off.
Volume can be adjusted with five different settings, including an option to turn it off completely.
Comes with four different sound sets, each featuring unique engine start, idle, acceleration, elevation, machine gun, cannon firing, and shutdown sounds.
Offers three options for track recoil intensity: low, medium, and high, imitating the tank moving briefly backward to simulate recoil when the main cannon fires.
Shoots 6mm plastic BBs with a limited range of 10 meters, accuracy may vary.
The tank also fires an invisible IR signal as part of Heng Long's Infrared Battle System, allowing it to disable other tanks when hit five times during simulated combat. Up to 20 tanks can participate in battles simultaneously.
Features independent suspension on all road wheels.


Heng Long German Jagdpanther Basic Edition 1/16 Scale Tank Destroyer - RTR
2S 7.4v 1800mAh Li-ion battery with XT60 connector
2S USB LiPo/Li-ion battery charger
12-Channel 2.4GHz radio transmitter
Magnetic Infrared (IR) battle system receiver
Painted cosmetic accessory parts
Adhesive decal sheet
6mm plastic BBs (50 Pack)
2x spare track links
Smoke oil
Complete instruction manual
Adjustable tracks tension

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