RC Pro . RCP 1/16 V7 R/C Russian KV2 Heavy Tank

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The Russia KV2 RC Tank is a highly realistic and fully functional remote-controlled military vehicle. Inspired by the actual KV-2 tank used by the Russian army during World War II, this RC tank accurately replicates its powerful presence and distinctive design.

With a length of approximately 46 cm, the KV2 RC Tank features a durable body made of high-quality materials, ensuring its resilience during intense battles. The tank's camouflage paint job adds to its authenticity, making it appear as if it just rolled off the battlefield.

Equipped with a powerful motor, the tank can move forward, backward, and make precise turns with ease. The tracks on it enable it to navigate various terrains, including grass, gravel, and dirt, without losing its stability. The tank can even climb small obstacles, further enhancing its maneuverability. With its responsive controls, users can drive the tank effortlessly to establish strategic positions or engage in exciting combat scenarios.

To elevate the tank's authenticity, it is equipped with a turret that can rotate 360 degrees and a barrel that can elevate and depress. This allows users to effectively engage targets in any direction, adding an element of realism and tactical advantage to gameplay.

The KV2 RC Tank also boasts an impressive firepower. It has a built-in BB shooting mechanism, enabling it to shoot projectiles accurately at targets within a certain range. With its barrel recoiling after each shot and realistic engine sounds, the tank offers an immersive experience, making users feel like they are in the midst of a real battle.

Not only does the KV2 RC Tank excel in its performance, but it also features several additional features that enhance its overall experience. It comes with LED lights that mimic the tank's headlights, adding to its visual appeal. Furthermore, the tank is equipped with realistic sound effects, including engine sounds, machine gun fire, and explosion sounds, amplifying the excitement and immersion during gameplay.

Controlling the KV2 RC Tank is intuitive and user-friendly. The remote control allows for precise movements and easy operation, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. With an impressive control range of up to 30 meters, users can maneuver the tank from a considerable distance, making it ideal for outdoor battles or large-scale environments.

Whether it's for avid military enthusiasts, history buffs, or RC hobbyists, the Russia KV2 RC Tank offers an exceptional blend of realism, performance, and entertainment. Its attention to detail and authentic features make it a standout choice for anyone looking to experience the thrill of commanding a WWII-era tank.


Latest Generation TK7.0 Multi-Function Control Board (MFCB)
Proportional acceleration, steering, turret traverse, and gun elevation/depression
Programmable radio settings for the amount of recoil, the sensitivity in turns, the overall sensitivity in acceleration, high speed and low-speed modes, etc.
Smoke effect (On/Off)
Headlights and Brake lights (On/Off)
Volume (five settings including Off)
Four different sound sets. Each contains a unique engine start, idle, accelerating, traverse, elevate, machine gun, cannon firing, and shutdown sound
Track Recoil (Three settings from low, medium, and high) -This shudders the tank briefly rearward to simulate recoil when firing the main cannon
Fires a 6mm plastic BB (10 meters with minimal accuracy and limited velocity, but should still be treated with caution and with adequate eye protection)
Fires an invisible IR signal to be used as part of Heng Long's Infrared Battle System, which disables other tanks when hit five times during simulated combat. Up to 20 tanks at the same time can battle each other!
Independent suspension on all road wheels


Heng Long Soviet Union KV-2 Professional Edition 1/16 Scale Heavy Tank – RTR
2S 7.4v 1800mAh Li-ion battery with XT60 Connector
2S USB LiPo/Li-ion battery charger
10-Channel 2.4GHz radio transmitter
Magnetic Infrared (IR) battle system receiver
Painted cosmetic accessory parts
Adhesive decal sheet
6mm plastic BBs (50 Pack)
2x spare track links
Smoke oil
Complete instruction manual
Adjustable tracks tension
Metal Rock Arm
Cannon Recoil

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