RPM . RPM Body Savers, for Traxxas E-Revo 2.0

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Body Savers for the Revo 2.0 are a simple, yet clever solution to solve the problem of body damage. RPM disguise's the Body Savers in two separate ways. Out front, they look like molded hood vents while in the rear, they look like exposed sections of a roll cage. It's a perfect way to camouflage their intended purpose and yet still keep the body firmly attached. The way they work is straightforward; there are two pairs of screws holding the sub-frame of the body mounting system to the body in both the front and rear of the truck. Body Savers tie two pairs of screws together, dispersing the pressure of holding the body to the sub-frame over a wide area of the body (wider than currently available washers too). Even if the bottom of the mounting holes in the body are completely ripped out from prior crashes, this system still works! RPM Body Savers are molded in black from ultra strong, engineering grade nylons for unmatched performance and are sold with four Body Savers in each kit (two for the front and two for the rear). Features: Works with new or damaged bodies Disguised for improved visual appeal Works with Traxxas #8611, #8611A & #8611G bodies
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